• Description
  • Technical Specifications
  • RSA-Security Features

The LCD Signature Pad "Sigma LITE" is a cost-effective signature pad without LCD. The special thing about it: Instead of the LCD, the pad has a 4-inch (10.5 cm) hard-wearing writing surface for precise signature capture. Due to extremely robust design, the sensor is completely protected by a special foil surface.

The signotec Sigma LITE features the same pressure sensitive sensor as the LCD-pads, which allows the capturing of biometric signatures in best quality. The signee can see his signature in real-time on the computer monitor, but not on the pad. The pad is ideal for applications where customers solely need to provide a signature.

With an unbeatable price-performance ratio, measuring just 160 x 120 x 10 mm, it is extremely compact and therefore ideal for mobile use. When used stationary it convinces with its flat design without drops and edges.

The signotec Sigma Signature Pad is also available as LCD version with and without backlight!

The signotec Sigma LITE without LCD is the best choice when an extremely robust design and the most cost-effective option is preferred.

The signotec Sigma LITE has a long service life. A special foil surface protects the sensor.

The signotec Sigma LITE signature pad has, like the other pads of the signotec family, unique security features and outstanding technical properties for signature digitisation. The data transfer from pad to PC is encrypted, thereby it is not possible to spy on the biometric features of the signature. Since the electronics, firmware, drivers and applications have been developed by signotec itself, the hardware and software are matching perfectly.

The power supply to the pad takes place via USB. In addition, the USB cable is securely connected with the device and prevents theft. No special pen is required for the highly ergonomic signing, the pen works without batteries or a power supply.

Optionally, the signotec Sigma LITE is available as a FTDI version with an internal USB-serial converter, for use on a terminal server.

Size of Signing Area 4" (10,5 cm) without LCD
Active Signing Area 92 x 47 mm
Dimensions 160 x 120 x 10 mm
Display In real-time on the PC-monitor
Security AES-Encryption, RSA-signing. Signatures biometrics RSA-Encryption inside the pad.
Connection USB (HID, no driver installation required)
Terminalserver Yes. Optinal with internal virtual USB-Seriell-Converter (FTDI)
Internal Samplingrate 6000 Hertz
External Samplingrate 500 Hertz
Resolution 4096 x 4096 Pixel absolut ≙ 2214 x 1130 ppi
Pen No special pen, cheap replacement
Sensor Scratch resistant surface
Input method Special method for pen input
Surface Special surface with wear protection
Warranty 2 years

The signotec pads (signotec Omega firmware 1.25, signotec Sigma 1.16) have the highest security mechanisms available. This allows a complete chain of evidence in dispute. Depending on the integration, different techniques are used:
  • PDF documents can be signed inside the pad and not in the insecure environment of the PC.
  • The biometric data of the signature can be RSA-encrypted inside the pad using a public key.
  • RSA-signature of the displayed content and signature.
  • Upon delivery, each pad has a separate and unique RSA certificate for signing.
  • Storing of custom RSA-certificates inside the pad.
  • The pad can generate a RSA certificate.
  • Supported schemes are RSA PKCS # 1 v1.5 (with or without the hash OID), PKCS # 1 v2.1
  • Certificates can be certified by a Root Authority
  • Supported hash algorithms are SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512.